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The founders of Grey have been making, sourcing, and retailing luxury men's clothing for over a decade. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our core competencies are garment fitting, design, sourcing, and manufacturing, and tailoring. We take great pride in what we do.

Our Story. Our Heritage.

Grey may well be the most unique clothing company out there. We can only be described as misfits and rebels. None of our Grandpa's made suits. None of us grew up in a suit shop. And we aren’t from Italy. We learned everything from scratch. Truthfully, we think that's what sets us apart.

Our founder, Bob, set out 15 years ago to learn how to make perfect suits. A few years into his journey, he met Jerome, a Togolese Master Tailor, from the Bronx. The odd couple rented a space on a neglected block of 24th St. in Manhattan, where foot traffic was non-existent. In that beloved and humble storefront, the two made suits by hand.

Word of mouth took off. Every client brought friends and colleagues for our high caliber apparel and second-to-none customer service. We hired legendary clothiers - Franklyn, David, Donny - and more tailors, investing in domestic and overseas production. And we’ve never taken our eyes off the ball: the perfect balance of craftsmanship, sophistication, and affordability.

With such a loyal clientele, Grey is now members only. Our members get unlimited hand-crafted luxury garments at the most affordable price in the US, in exchange for a reasonable annual fee.

During COVID we shifted into online consultations and ordering, and haven’t looked back. We continue to grow and learn from our members, fiercely loyal, humble, and grateful. The journey continues. Join us?

How Grey Works

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This ain't no Costco, but the business model is the similar. Pay a reasonable membership fee, then shop luxury apparel, at cost. You'll likely make your membership fee back on your first order. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Make your purchases easily from our site. Your fabric selections, customizations, and a measurement review will take place after your order. Then we'll get your garments made and shipped to you in a matter of a few weeks.

Our Clothier Contacts You

After you purchase, our professional clothiers will reach out to discuss your fabric selection, customizations, and any wishes you have for your garments. Your measurements and patterns will be reviewed prior to production.

Great personalized customer service. Excellent shirts. I purchased a button down, and received a phone call to discuss the size. I was advised correctly.

Greg C.

2 APR 2020

Have worked with Grey on a few suits already and they do an amazing job - always super helpful and patient and willing to go that extra step to make it right.

Logan B.

13 JULY 2020

I've been a client for years; great suits and tuxedos and extremely helpful. Their customer service is A+ 100%. Excited to see the new biz model.

Richard J.

15 MAY 2020

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