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When you buy from luxury brands, what are you actually paying for?

Traditional retail, and even direct-to-consumer ecommerce brands markup their products left and right. You never have true pricing transparency. Should this item cost $99? $89? You really never know. What you do know, is that you're over-paying for the brand and their associated marketing expenses.

With Grey, you have total pricing transparency. We do not make money on retail. You only pay our manufacturing + shipping cost, and thus you get the absolute best value on top luxury goods. We only charge you a reasonable membership fee. Yes... you could say it's like Costco, but for luxury men's goods.

Grey Core Values

1. Put Expensive Brands Back Where They Belong: On The Shelf
We've been overpaying for clothes for decades. When you buy a suit or shirt, you're paying Brooks Brother's rent, and not to mention their sponsorship with Novak Djokovich and God knows who else. So we're here to say, that Calvin Klein and the gang's days are numbered, and they won't be pickpocketing you any longer. At least not while we're here.

2. Craftsmanship
Grey didn't start yesterday. Prior to our ecommerce business, we spent over a decade painstakingly manufacturing and sourcing men's apparel from all over the world -- from New York to Shanghai. Our founders are so obsessed with detail and quality, that they once spent 18 months developing a polo line, then scrapped the entire thing. We can't promise the world, but we can promise you the utmost integrity in what you wear.

3. Innovation in Retail
Grey was born out of the ashes of a traditional clothing business with retail stores. Transforming our company, and our industry, is a matter of survival for us. If we don't execute well on our ecommerce model and serve our members the way they deserve to be served, then we're done for.

4. Members Only
We do not work with anyone who is not a member, and we are 100% committed to our members, doing right by them, and providing them with the best damn shopping experience we possibly can. We're redefining what "amazing service" means as we go. So reach out! Send us an email to say hi. We'll be there.

How Grey Works

Join The Club

This ain't no Costco, but the business model is the same. Pay a reasonable membership fee, then shop luxury apparel, at cost. You'll likely make your membership fee back on your first order. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Shop Our Private Site

Make your purchases easily from our site. Your fabric selections, customizations, and a measurement review will take place after your order. Then we'll get your garments made and shipped to you in a matter of a few weeks.

Our Clothier Contacts You

After you purchase, our professional clothiers will reach out for a brief chat to discuss your fabric selection, lining, customizations, and any wishes you have for your garments. Your measurements will be reviewed, and any concerns ironed out.


Above all else, we aim to serve our members well, with the quality and fit they deserve. While we're at it, let's put over-priced brands back where they belong: on the shelf.

Retail Revolution, For Members Only

Why pay Cole Haan's rent? We use the same manufacturers as top brands like Brooks Brothers and Loro Piana, plus, we custom make every garment to your specifications and measurements. The kicker? We sell everything, at cost.

Great personalized customer service. Excellent shirts. I purchased a button down, and received a phone call to discuss the size. I was advised correctly.

Greg C.

2 APR 2020

Have worked with Grey on a few suits already and they do an amazing job - always super helpful and patient and willing to go that extra step to make it right.

Logan B.

13 JULY 2020

I've been a client for years; great suits and tuxedos and extremely helpful. Their customer service is A+ 100%. Excited to see the new biz model.

Richard J.

15 MAY 2020

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